Top 20 NuGet list Packages

Query actual file on your file system.
Indexed collection like usual List<T>, but with less allocations. Enables reusing instances of inner array via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToRist() extension method which perfectly replaces conventional ToList() for materializing LINQ queries. MoveToArray() method releases ownership of internal bu...
An alternative to System.Collection.Generics.LinkedList with reverse operation and enumeration without allocation.
This package contains a pre-configured parameters for well known adapters.
.NET types extensions.
The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the ul, ol, and li html tags. The HierList supports the XmlDataSource and SiteMapDataSource controls for binding to XML and site maps respectively.
NList brings an enormous number of powerful, STL-like algorithms to the .NET platform for processing indexable collections. There is a handlebars.js-like text generator. It has a powerful IComparer builder. There is a DefaultDictionary class. There is a class to convert an object into a dictionary o...
Everyone who has worked with Borland's Delphi knows how powerful Actions are. Actions are used to link together various UI elements, such as buttons, menu items, and toolbar buttons, making them behave consistently: linked items are checked/ unchecked/ enabled/ disabled at the same time, and they sh...
Implements types and extension methods for transforming and implicitly defining instances of the readonly collection interfaces new to .Net 4.5. (The interfaces are IReadOnlyList<T>, IReadOnlyCollection<T>, and IReadOnlyDictionary<K,V>.) For example, the library implements a Select method that ens...
Hierarchical data presentation components for WPF and .NET 4: Tree-list. Main features: Inheriting ListView, providing tree-view behavior; Data binding with high customizability; Rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture and theme awareness; Extended Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern ...
Hierarchical data presentation components for Windows® Forms and .NET 2.0 SP2: Data tree-grid. Main features: Inheriting DataGridView, providing tree-view behavior; Data binding with high customizability; Customizable appearance, culture awareness.
Pattern for software integration with cloud based email service provider list management processes. Most list management services offer email based SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE methods to add / remove users to mailing lists. This library provides a general pattern / interface for integration with such ...
Json.Net serialization extension for Finalist
See GitHub repo for details.
The ultimate collection of C# helper classes.
This library contains several Windows Forms controls: combo box controls with extra abilities, a radio button list control, a checkbox list control, a data navigator control, and a template-based data list control. See the project website for the code, a help file, and demos.
A library for all the data structures in C#. Every class is generic and reusable.
MvvmCross implementation for Sticky Headers List for Android
Mvc CheckboxList with multi select
Provides reactive extensions for active lists and active values.