Top 20 NuGet list Packages

These custom controls make it faster and easier to create great apps using Xamarin.Forms. The controls currently included are: SimpleList: For small lists, the UI of the built-in ListView leaves a lot to be desired. You can use a StackLayout, but then you lose the ability to have an It...
Nested Content is a list editing property editor for Umbraco 7.1+
Provides support for list equality and ordinal comparison based on the contents of its individual items. Allows users to pass ImmutableLists to dictionaries and hash sets, quickly copmare the values of individual ILists, etc.
Html helper for Lightweight and serializable PagedList implementation for .NET that can create a Pager Markup (Bootstrap for version 3.3.x and version 4.x.x) MVC 3-4-5
A library generated from a Swagger doc
A library generated from a Swagger doc
A library generated from a Swagger doc
Import/Export datatable or entity List From/To Excel File.
Implementation for Android of PSC.Xam.Controls.BindableCheckboxList
Bindable CheckboxList for Xamarin Forms (Base class) - For more info or support, visit our forum
CHIMP camera list meta model
Contains usefull collections and collection extensions.
Helpfull extensions to System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper. Method ListEditorFor creates an editor to add, remove and change elements in a list on the view model.
A log message management system and exploration UI, in a similar vein to Swagger. Contains an expressive templating system.
Extensions from STDev. Target is .NET 4.6, UWP, Xamarin(Android, iOS, Forms) and .NET Standard 1.3.
Lightweight and performant immutable linked list data structure for .NET
Property List is a property editor for making repeatable lists of a datatype for Umbraco 7.6+
Country List (country-list) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Word List JSON (word-list-json) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Fast List (fast-list) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.