Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

Este pacote contém os assemblies satélite em português para as ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries.
WebAPIDoodle.Http is a library which provides more features over System.Net.Http
DropboxRestAPI is a C# client for Dropbox service through its RESTful API.
Implementation of OAuth 1.0a protocol. Supports transparent authentication via HttpMessageHandler
A .NET HttpClient wrapper for interacting with the ConnectWise Manage REST API.
이 패키지에는 ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries용 한국어 위성 어셈블리가 포함되어 있습니다.
Create instance of HliHttpClient and make typed calls: var client = new HliHttpClient("", "ip"); var result = await client.GetDataAsTypeAsync<IpResponse>(); There is also an IRepository interface and subinterfaces for your repositories.
Portable REST Client that can be used in all types of cross-platform projects
Polly.Extensions.Http is an extensions package containing opinionated convenience methods for configuring Polly policies to handle transient faults typical of calls through HttpClient.
Simple cache for http requests.
HTTP REST Client abstractions for HttpClient
By default with AllowAutoRedirect enabled, the HttpClient will strip off the Authorization header when following a redirect. This is for security reasons. This package allows the redirects to be followed as long as the host name in the RedirctUrl matches the host name of the original req...
Package Description
Balíček obsahuje česká satelitní sestavení pro ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries.
Ten pakiet zawiera zestawy satelickie dla języka polskiego dotyczące produktu ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries.
Bu paket, ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries için Türkçe yardımcı derlemeleri içerir.
Package Description
Library to help simplify unit testing code which uses the .NET HttpClient
Test/mock (3rd party) code reliant on HttpClient, WebClient, HttpWebRequest and WebRequest.Create()
An implementation of HttpClient to shorthand WebApi requests and enabled common logging.