Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

Easily mock HttpClient with canned responses to make testing easier
Easiest way to handle rest requests
A lightweight, highly compatible .NET Standard library for simplifying the consumption of REST APIs
Tools and extensions for working with HTTP.
Extensions for System.Net.Http (especially HttpClient). Provides convenient methods like GetVerified, PostVerified, PostAsJsonVerified and many more which take care of all the error handling for you. Commonly Used Types: HttpClientExtensions HttpResponseHandler HttpErrorResponseHandler HttpLoggingH...
OpenCensus collector for calls to dependencies
Fluent Http Client with a fluent APIs which are intuitive, easy to use and also highly extensible.
A library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 2.0 apps.
A set of extension methods for mocking HttpClient and IHttpClientFactory with Moq.
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.HttpClient notifies outgoing Http requests.
Please start using Devon4Net.Infrastructure.CircuitBreaker for http/https client factory
Convert JSON to System.Net.Http.HttpContent and vice versa with using Utf8Json.
HttpClient extensions
Elasticsearch API CRUD, data transfers, indexing and simple search for nested, child/parent or simple documents, easy usage KISS
An implementation of HttpMessageHandler for use with HttpClient that invokes requests directly against an OWIN application. Useful for testing and embedded scenarios.
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
The Paystack .Net SDK addresses the essential needs to collect money on Nigeria Leading Payment Platform called Paystack. Frequent and up-to-date releases.