Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

C# Engine to download multiple WebRequests in Paralel with TLP and Concurrent Blocking COllection
HttpClient extension class, and the .Net Core version of the HttpHelper class. Simple and flexible crawler base class library. JsHttpClient类是 .Net Core 下的一个简单灵活的爬虫基础类库
Standardized HttpClient conventions, from the opinions of the Fulfiller Enablement team.
此程序包包含 ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries 的简体中文附属程序集。
Cross-platform HttpClientHandler with TLS1.2 and Certificate Pinning
Lib.Net.Http.EncryptedContentEncoding is a library which adds Encrypted Content-Encoding (aes128gcm) support to HttpClient
Generic XML SOAP client for use with any SOAP-based web service, without the need for auto-generated proxy code.
Generate C# and TypeScript codes of strongly typed client API for ASP.NET Web API
A core package for Medidata HMAC protocol implementation. This package contains the core functionality which used by the MAuth authentication protocol-specific components. This package also can be used standalone if you want to sign HTTP/HTTPS requests with Medidata MAuth keys using the .NET HttpCli...
System.Net.Http.Formatting project compiled for .NET Standard
Intercept all of the sending HTTP requests on a client side Blazor application.
A set of extension methods for mocking HttpClient and IHttpClientFactory with Moq.
A .NET Standard Library to bypass Cloudflare's Anti-DDoS measure (JavaScript challenge) using a DelegatingHandler.
RestRequest - Simple .NET REST Client, based on .NET Standard 2.0.
Convert JSON to System.Net.Http.HttpContent and vice versa.
Fluent wrapper over HttpClient to make REST calls easier
Este paquete contiene los ensamblados satélites en español para las ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries.
Ce package inclut les assemblys satellites Français pour ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries.
Convenient HttpClient supporting REST, cookies, authentication token headers and request object to JSON or querystring conversion. Also supports FormUrlEncoded and MultipartForm requests.