Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

This project produces a .Net Standard Library or .Net 4.0 Library with Generic and IEnumerable/Yield (LevelOrder, PreOrder, PostOrder) tree traversal methods to traverse k-ary trees in different orders via IEnumerable<T>/Yield<T>.
RepositorioGenerico é um Framework ORM OpenSource escrito em C# para utilização em projetos com qualquer quantidade de tabelas.
EntityGenerics Core Abstraction Class Library. Contains interfaces for generic Entity Framework repository creation.
EntityGenerics Core Class Library. Contains abstract base classes for generic Entity Framework repository creation.
A simple generic repository wrapper library for entity framework core
The repository and unit of work patterns are intended to create an abstraction layer between the data access layer and the business logic layer of an application. Implementing these patterns can help insulate your application from changes in the data store and can facilitate automated unit testing o...
Generic State Machine implementation using reflection to collect Transition implementations.
Predicate Helper is a C# utility that will take different lambda expressions and combine them. It can be used with an ORM (like Entity Framework) and it will allow you to create dynamic queries.
Generic Repository and UnitOfWork Pattern implementation with base classes for Entity Framework
Generic Repository Pattern implementation with base classes for RavenDb
Common logic for a generic way of accessing settings regardless of the platform and settings source that is being used
Mapper object - object. This library is for framework 4.5 and higher it
Mapper object - object. This library is for framework 4.0.
Provides generic pointer operations for all of .NET, building on the capabilities provided by FSharp.NativeInterop.NativePtr, which this package extends with features like 64-bit capabilities, exposed in an OOP-friendly manner as NativePtr<T> and extension methods to System.IntPtr. NativeArray, an...
An EntityFramework generic repository with graph management
The in-memory implementation for the generic repository.
Generic Repository for MVC 5 and EntityFramework 6.1 with built-in security logging.
Boilerplate testing library.
Boilerplate unit of work and generic repository pattern for mongodb.
A generic repository pattern for use with EntityFramework. This library also supports accessing multiple DB context in the same project.