Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

Fork of TreeViewAdv for yats
A simple and lightweight tool for persisting data in dotnet (core) apps.
Import & Export Excel Operations
Extends CSLA .NET framework with ObjectCaching data portal implementation, extended parser for SmartDate and additional generic business and authorization rules. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables d...
Generic library for .NET for architecture 3 tiers
Common functionality for ASP.Net MVC applications - configuration, generic controller, generic repository, generic version history controller, access denied attribute, account management.
A class which defines a range for a Generic type.
LightDataTable is an object-relation mapper that enable .NET developers to work with relations data using objects. LightDataTable is an alternative to entityframwork. is more flexible and much faster than entity framework.
Package Description
Common unit testing functionality for .Net applications - test generic repository.
Entity Framework Implementation of the RedRocket Persistence Framework
Provides implementations for interacting with ArcGIS Server instances.
Infers.Toys provides a collection of more or less experimental datatype generic functions for F#. The primary focus of Infers.Toys is to demonstrate possibilities rather than to provide the best possible implementations. The documentation of individual generic functions typically mention known lim...
SGRepository Generic
A NetClient implementation supporting JSON-RPC APIs.
EntityGenerics Annotations Class Library. Contains annotations required by Entity Generics.
Associative collection like usual Dictionary<K, V>, but with comparer type preserved instead of hiding behind the interface. Enables devirtualization of calls to the key comparer. Enables reusing instances of inner array of entries via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToFictionary() extension methods w...
AddRange extension method for ICollection<T>
xUnit tests for netfx-System.Collections.Generic.CollectionAddRange
xUnit Tests for netfx-System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable.Traverse