Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

Repositorio genérico com suporte a paginação de dados no banco via linq
Contains core monad implementations including Maybe and Either for general use.
Simple generic disconnected Entity Framework Core repository that resolves the entity graphs when adding or updating entities along with all its relations in a disconnected scenario.
Integrates Simple Injector with applications built upon .NET Generic Host.
RulesX is a simple rule evaluation C# library built using reflection, expressions and some linq. It evaluates the rule by comparing a given value with the matching property name in the type. It supports evaluation of rules on a single object, collection of objects and also on complex objects
Fluent HTTP client with python-requests like interface
Package Description
Type safe in memory caching for .NET Core
NuGet ClassLib Template
Implementation of generic CRUD operations for Entity Framework Core in Cqrs approach
Contains generic definition of widely used queries for retrieving single or range of objects
Contains generic definition of widely used command for create/update/delete operations
Package provides functionality to build GridView based on your model items collection. Grid.Mvc support sorting, filtering and paging your data. Also Adds AJAX gridviews
The purpose of this library is to store cache data, the infrastructure "StackExchange.Redis" is fed, but this library offers more generic and clean architecture. This library was developed .NET Standard.