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VB.NET source file that contains an extension method that yields each line of a given text. The following line separators are recognized: CRLF (0D0A), LFCR (0A0D), LF (0A), CR (0D), VT (0B), FF (0C), LS (2028) and PS (2029). Supported versions: .NET Framework 3.5 .NET Framework 4.0 .NET Framework 4...
A simple package for easy access to API's, but only currently supporting Glassdoor. It returns the JSON result, as well as converts the result into a full range of necessary classes, accessed via RootObject. For usage details, please see the project site link.
This client library allow you to make http request easily. How to use: var address = "http://localhost:50787/api/Test/Test"; var requestModel = new RequestModel() { Id = "guid" }; var result = new HttpClientHelper().PostJson<ResponseModel>(address, "Basic", "***", requestModel);
A simple and easy to use http client with support for all request methods and certificate pinning
Methods with implementations that execute HTTP calls on APIs. Included in this version is the communication log, where external requests can be traced. This package is for applications developed on the .NET platform. Compiled in .NET Standard 2.0. This package was created for the exclusive use of ...
C# Library to easily make Http requests
Get and Set String 1.3 adding readme file
基于HttpClient和HttpWeb的Http Get和Post请求,支持跨平台,加入代码注释
Getting data from Fers intranet, keeping it in sync with all you
This package provide UiPath custom activity to get values from Microsoft OCR response based on the region that you pass.
Provides a Set Collection implementation.
Provides the ability to List items in Concurrent manner.
A simple HTTP library that works
This .NET Standard library represents a tool to easily modify bits within one single buffer. Additionally, it is also possible to charge all bits at once from e.g. integer values and vice versa. Taking a system's endianness into account is also guaranteed.
Provides a Set Collection implementation.
Provides the ability to List items in Concurrent manner.
New Contact - Insert a new contact in the outlook. Get Contact - To get all the contacts from outlook. New Appointment - Add a new appointment into the Outlook. New Meeting - Send a new meeting request to others . New Notes - Add a new notes in to the Outlook. Get All Notes - To get all the notes fr...
This package is used to get the parameter keys from AWS