Top 20 NuGet get Packages

Extension classes for ISession and IDistributedCache, enabling the functionality to set or get objects of any type using fast MessagePack serializer with LZ4 compression algorithm.
libvideo is a fast, clean way to download YouTube videos. It is fully portable and has no dependencies. Find us on GitHub at
Small thing to create and fetch polls from StrawPoll service
ModelWrapper is a set of tools for enriching model object manipulation, allowing all data sent to the server to be captured by WrapRequest<TModel>, feeding the model object (TModel) and allowing all other information to be extracted and used by extended functionality
This package helpe you to save files, get files, get files information, resize image
Ferramenta para utlizar o REST, http rest api post get put delete afonsoft
LUIS app to determine a user's intention from conversational text
Use this Package to Download application and Get application Information from Microsoft AppCenter.
Json.NET web client
StrawPoll C# library for creating and accessing strawpolls. Creating strawpolls returns various information including the live URL, and accessing strawpolls includes the live results! .NET Core 2.0 supported.
Demonstrates usage of the Xunit.Theoretical Test Cases base class.
Provides a foundation upon which Xunit Theory Class Data may be generated more succinctly.
Encapsula a biblioteca padrão HttpClient e adiciona funcionalidade aos posts e gets que facilitam a criação de RPA.
Provides the ability to List items in Concurrent manner.
This package allows you to retrieve the web browsers (including Microsoft Edge) installed on the system.
A package containing wrappers and helpers used to GetOrAdd values from/to dictionaries.
This package help you in connecting with any api and make (POST,PUT,DELETE,GET) actions.
Provides the ability to List items in Concurrent manner.
Provides extension methods for user's identity. (Get User ID and Generate JWT)
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