Top 20 NuGet functional Packages

Parser combinators library based on Haskell Parsec. This is part of the LanguageExt functional base class library and requires LanguageExt.Core
FSharp.Core redistributables from Visual F# Tools version 10.3 For F# 4.5 Supported Platforms: .NET Framework 4.5+ (net45) netstandard1.6 (netstandard1.6) netstandard2.0 (netstandard2.0) Commit has...
This library uses and abuses the features of C# 6 and 7 to provide a functional 'Base class library', that, if you squint, can look like extensions to the language itself.
A native functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers.
CSharpFunctionalExtensions - functional extensions for C#.
Helper library for LanguageExt.Core that facilitates conversion between F# native types like Option, Map, List, etc to .NET and Language Ext types.
Option types for C# with LINQ support and rich fluent syntax for many popular uses: var maybeOne = "one".ToMaybe(); Maybe<string> maybeAnother; var maybeBoth = from one in maybeOne from another in maybeAnother select one + another; maybeBoth.Match( both => Console.WriteLine("...
Functional API for MSR Orleans. Core and client-side library.
Support for Reactive Extensions overloads for various types in the LanguageExt.Core
Functional API for MSR Orleans. Server-side library.
F# api for Orleankka. Server-side library.
Unit testing kit for Orleankka. Allows to unit test actors in a full isolation.
F# api for Orleankka. Core and client-side library.
Monadic JSON serialization/deserialization library for F#
Opinionated, web development framework for F# which implements the server-side, functional MVC pattern
Types and parsers for working with the URI Template specification in RFC 6570
Types and parsers for working with the HTTP State (Cookies) specification in RFC 6265
Types and parsers for working with the HTTP Patch specification in RFC 5789 and RFC 7231
Types and parsers for working with the HTTP Origin specification in RFC 6454 and the W3C CORS specification
Types and parsers for working with the HTTP specifications in RFC 7230