Top 20 NuGet functional Packages

F# gRPC meta-package for ASP.NET Core
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
F# api for Orleankka. Server-side library.
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching
An extension to the Freya HTTP Machine adding Patch support
An extension to the Freya HTTP Machine adding CORS support
.NET library that provide mainly functional features for C#. This means concept of Option, Result, Either and ValueObject. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 1.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ - .NET Framework 2.0+ Supports Source Link
MVC functional tests with a fixture pattern
Various useful functionality for Optional.
Implementation of monadic type holding a returned value or an error code.
C# implementation of functional concepts: Maybe (Option), Either (Result), Try, Memoize
Funcky is a functional C# library
Package to use Funcky with xUnit
Modulos.Testing is a simple library built to improve integration and unit testing. It also brings a bunch of battled proven patterns for better efficiency during testing process.
Test adapter for Hallstatt
Low-ceremony test framework
F# gRPC client meta-package
Provides the generic types to curry delegates.
Provides a set of extensions for any objects.
Provides the result functional abstraction with a set of extensions.