Top 20 NuGet eventstore Packages

Orleans EventSourcing Couchbase EventStore Plusin
Community package with additional persistence engine for NEventStore.
Event sourcing persistance implementation using EventStore (
CQRS.Light Core Implementation
A MongoDB Repository Implemenation
A MongoDB Repository Implemenation
An Azure DocumentDB Repository Implemenation
Eventual conventsions
Service bus implementation
A wrapper for NEventStore client
CQRS.Light Interfaces
An In Memory Repository Implemenation
This library is used to build Event Sourced components interacting with EventStore (GetEventStore)
The types contained in this library can be used to create EventStore plugins. Those plugins can be loaded and run using EventStore.Tools.ServiceHost service
EventStore core library
EventStore target
Eventstore for Eventure, with EntityFrameworkCore Npgsql.
Plugin, publishing events on an Eventstore stream.