Top 20 NuGet eventstore Packages

MsSql subscriptions implementation for SimpleEventStore.
Akka.NET Persistence read journal backed by EventStore.
A SQL Server persistance implementation for Event SourcR.
F# Event Store for Azure Cosmos DB
A basic JSON serializer for Event SourcR.
An in-memory persistance implementation for Event SourcR.
An Event Store persistance implementation for Event SourcR.
Entity Framework Core migration files for creating a SQL Server database to use with Event SourcR.
An Entity Framework Core persistance implementation for Event SourcR.
A simple event sourcing library.
Composable high performance event sourcing componentry
Use Azure Cosmos DB (DocumentDB) as an event store, read store and data store in CQRS.NET
EventStore.Client.FSharp is a NuGet that adds a F#-ideomatic interface on top of EventStore
Event Sourcing mechanism.
This library contains an EventStoreDomainRepository based on a DomainRepository base class contained in 'Evento' library. The two libraries combined are used to build Event Sourced components interacting with EventStore database
EventStore persistence for ProtoActor
Common abstractions for Event SourcR.
Use Greg Young's event store as the Event Store in CQRS.NET
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Greg Young's Event Store for CQRS.NET
Deprecated. Use the Cqrs.Ninject package instead.