Top 20 NuGet elasticsearch Packages

This package contains a Redakt CMS full text search engine based on Elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch Bulk and Search is a high level library to make easy basic query operations (get, search and scroll) and index operations (single index or bulk), besides paging, sorting and query buider.
An IDistributedCache implementation for Elastic Search
An open-source Elasticsearch plugins and extensions library for AnyStatus. For more information visit
Orleans Storage Elasticsearch
Provides a set of classes to resolve the location of Elastic stack products in various stages: released, snapshot and build candidates
Provides an Xunit test framework allowing you to run integration tests against local ephemeral Elasticsearch clusters
Provides an EphemeralCluster implementation that can download/bootstrap/run a throwaway customizable Elasticsearch cluster
File logger provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This logger logs messages to elasticsearch engine.
An IConnection implementation that utilizes Apache Thrift to talk with elasticsearch
An IConnection implementation that uses System.Net.Http.HttpClient to talk with elasticsearch
This package is only useful if you use the low level client ONLY and do not use NEST but would like to use JSON.NET as your serializer
Terradue.ElasticCas is a library targeting .NET 4.0 and above that provides an ElasticCas is an OpenSearch engine built over elasticsearch.
A simple Glimpse plugin for ElasticSearch. It shows queries and response times.
DotNetElasticCas.GeoTime is a plugin that provides an extension to DotNetElasticCas to store and query GeoSpatial dataset
Interceptor for CodeCop that automatically logs exceptions with Serilog and Elastic on each intercepted method.
Helper library for Elasticsearch index creation using a contributor model
ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana
log4stash is a log4net appender for easy logging of exceptions and messages to Elasticsearch indices. You can configure few filters to analyze log events before they got sended to Elasticsearch similar to the filters on logstash.
Set of tools that can be used to better manage and monitor an elasticsearch server.