Top 20 NuGet directory Packages

File manager tool for a .NET application that allows retrieving the properties of an individual file or directory, such as the name, the size, the extension name, when it was created and much more. A directory listing can also be retrieved listing all the properties for the files and directories tha...
A System.Web.Security.RoleProvider that uses Active Directory groups as its data store. See: for RoleProvider configuration details.
Provides IO-related convenience/helper methods.
A wrapper library for Active Directory (LDAP) authentication
Provides interface abstractions for System.IO filesystem entities. Also provides a default implementation of IFileSystem that provides the default behavior of the System.IO implementations.
A System.Web.Security.RoleProvider that maps to existing Active Directory groups. See: for RoleProvider configuration details.
Provides missing features for filtering files by their full name (instead of default windows behaviour with compatibility for short file names with 8.3-limitations)
A .NET version of the libmspack libmspack library that enables programatically reading and extracting the content of Microsoft cab files.
This package provides the Bud.TmpDir class. This class is disposable. It creates a temporary directory and deletes it on disposal.
Dtx Library - Useful Library for C# Developers
Filesystem helping library aiming to provide common functions when working with the filesystem. From monitoring to easier coding.
Get all users details on current active directory. Winform just for a display but you can use only object "enterprise". To work well the dll have to be initialised with user credentials on the active directory you want scan.
File client for .Net Framework for common file tasks.
File client for .Net Framework for common file tasks.
Class Library to access the active directory objects.
MMSC Token Helper would create token for you. You need to create app in app registration in azure. Just supply Client id, Client Secrete, Username and Password.
The Inventory Extension is a tool and library that maintains a directory inventory to keep track of file changes.
Super Lite Android Library to select files/directories from Device Storage.
Easy to use clients for common file, directory and IO tasks.