Top 20 NuGet directory Packages

This package provides an easy and fluent way to write the boilerplate requirements, exception handling, connection, type mapping, and validation that your code may depend on in order to actually write the business logic you require.
The Active Directory Providers package allows Umbraco developers to authenticate and authorise Umbraco Users and Members against an Active Directory instance. This package contains instructions to set up all four scenarios and provides two providers to accomplish full Active Directory integration wi...
NChronicle is an extensible logging and output library allowing centralized management and distribution of log messages to a number of logging destinations (known as 'Libraries'). NChronicle.SMTP is a comprehensive SMTP email Library sending log messages in customizable email messages. It includes ...
The Amazing DotNet-Library
Fluent library to simplify Active Directory data access.
Active Directory to Portal synchronization tool for the sensenet ECM platform.
This package, built on top of the original Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), makes extremely easy to authenticate users inside your Xamarin projects. You only need 1 line of code!
An extension to Cake Build. Changes the current directory.
A collection of utility classes.
Require Directory (require-directory) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Ultimate File System for Android ( helps you manage local files and directories with the unified API used across all platforms. The library is used by SFTP, FTP and ZIP products. You can try this package for free for 30 days, after which you will need to pu...
Lightweight Graph API client for the user management and reporting needs of a AAD B2C tenant.
Lightweight file chooser for Xamarin.Android
DirectoryServices API for the sensenet platform.
Simple File chooser DialogFragment. Has 3 usable callbacks and device-default theming.
Package makes integrating JWT Bearer Token Security to your ASP .NET Core 2.0+ app a breeze!! Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, Twitter auth integration. Also, Swagger UI integration!
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify Active Directory data access.
An encapsulation of the file system. Makes it easy to fake the file system in your tests.
A portable api for filesystem io using a unified interface.
Managed implementation/wrapper for the various ADSI enumerations, interfaces and objects