Top 20 NuGet directory Packages

A simple enumeration of the user account control flags for Windows user accounts
ActiveDirectory authentication and utilites
packete que sirve para realizar operaciones basicas como: envio de correo, realizar operaciones en el active directory como logear y consultar usuario y crear archivos de icalendar en MVC o C# para escritorio
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Authentication Library for Windows
This client library is refreshing the Azure Active Directory Token in the background. To run an automatic token refresh, add one line for the main view of the application: <script src="/Scripts/refresh-token.min.js"></script>
This project is inspired by Ensure.That developed by Daniel Wertheim. The purpose of this library is to allow common validation checks to be easily made.
A minimal set of File and Directory tools to handle long paths in UNC shares and NTFS drives. For Windows only. Enables handling of 32k length paths, where .Net is limited to ~250
This package contains the binaries of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). ADAL provides a Portable Class Library with easy to use authentication functionality for your .NET client on various platforms including Windows desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin An...
Xamarin iOS Bindings for the Active Directory Authenication Library.
Xamarin Android Bindings for the Azure Active Directory Library.
Tools which go beyond System.IO.Path to help to integrate local and cloud paths
A quick helper library for accessing the network locations on a computer, by creating a helper class that is similar to the System.IO.DriveInfo class.
Contains all subassemblies under the Nourco.IO namespace
A fluent library of wonderful extensions and utilities that can make your code short and clean.
Unzipper, Downloader, FileService, DirectoryService
The package provides service injection for core applications and API services for self registration to Consul service discovery via Consul.NET library.
Copy and move files/folders functionality with reporting a progress
The package is intended for use with core applications and API services. It creates and configures ConsulClient and auto-registers the host service/app to service discovery local agent via Consul.NET library. Also, it loads and checks the health of consuming services from local Consul agent....
A text finder.
LoginForm using Active Directory