Top 20 NuGet dictionary Packages

A .NET Standard 2.0 library that enables checking terms and abbreviations for existence against a glossary of approved terms and abbreviations. In addition, the glossary has methods to abbreviate terms or expand abbreviations based on the GlossaryItems in the glossary. It was designed for checking d...
This is a FASTER device implementation for Azure Storage (page blobs). FASTER is a fast concurrent persistent log and key-value store with cache for larger-than-memory data.
Diccionario Real Academia Española API
NList brings an enormous number of powerful, STL-like algorithms to the .NET platform for processing indexable collections. There is a handlebars.js-like text generator. It has a powerful IComparer builder. There is a DefaultDictionary class. There is a class to convert an object into a dictionary o...
Core extension methods for native types
Core extension methods for native types
A .NET implementation of the Bundle from the Android SDK
Priority queue, reversible dictionary, reversible sorted dictionary, dynamic multidimensional array, heap, heapsort etc.
A small library providing an easy way to cache objects with an expiration time.
A trictionary data structure is a dictionary where each entry is identified by a unique combination of two keys.
TypeScript implementation of an AVL tree, a self-balancing binary search tree, with enumerable/iterable collections like set and map.
Inspect values in JSON strings with single line expressions and plain old CLR objects without using foreach/if to extract values from JSON. Extract the 42 from ["first",{"aString":"HelloWorld","aNumber":42}] with C# expression: json.AsList[1].AsDictionary["aNumber"].AsInt
Wiktionary library for .NET
Simple class to create custom equality comparers to be used in Dictionary and HashSet, among others.
A lightweight library to load application configuration settings into a dictionary.
ObservableDictionary based on AVLTree with O(log N) insert/removal operations. Collection event aren't "Reset" but with proper positioning so it can be bound to the UI without affecting sort/group/highlight position on update. Source code, usage and example can be found at
Some caching tools.
Two-way dictionary (keyA-keyB).
Implementation of common .NET collection types (i.e IDictionary, ISet, IList) via abstraction over StackExchange.Redis
A powerful library of immutable and persistent data structures for the .NET platform.