Top 20 NuGet dictionary Packages

Associative collection like usual Dictionary<TKey, TValue>, but with comparer type preserved instead of hiding behind the interface. Enables devirtualization of calls to the key comparer. Enables reusing instances of inner array of entries via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToFictionary() extension m...
Package Description
NetSpell's suggestions for a misspelled word are generated using phonetic (sounds like) matching and ranked by a typographical (looks like) score. NetSpell supports multiple languages and the dictionaries are based on the OpenOffice Affix compression format. NetSpell also supports user added words,...
DAWG (Directed Acyclic Word Graph) is a data structure for storing and searching large word lists while keeping your memory footprint small and lookups fast. DawgSharp is an open-source C# implementation featuring a linear time graph reduction algorithm and out-of-the-box persistence support. ...
A collection of useful extension methods. Commonly Used Types: ArrayExtensions CollectionExtensions ConvertibleExtensions DictionaryExtensions DoubleExtensions EnumExtensions EnumerableExtensions ExceptionExtensions Int32Extensions ListExtensions ObjectExtensions StringBuilderExtensions StringExten...
A library to convert a dictionary out of a given object or an object out of a dictionary.
Either drag the RapidSpellDialog and RapidSpellAsYouType spelling controls into your form, or programmatically create in C# or VB.NET (and it really is just a few lines of code).
A .NET client for the Lexicala api.
A .NET client for the Lexicala api.
Provides a generic, type-safe implementation of an OrderedDictionary.
FASTER is a fast concurrent persistent log and key-value store with cache for larger-than-memory data.
A .Net library for code simplification.
Implementation of a lock-free dictionary on .Net Included types: === NonBlocking.ConcurrentDictionary Lock-free, wait-free implementation of a dictionary. - has the same API as System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary. - No locks are taken during any operatio...
Collection extensions and custom collections for .NET.
Set of extended collections related functionality.
Provides the ability to more intuitively connect Parent-Child relationships via Callback methods.
A nuget port of the GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English. Define thousands of English (US) words completely offline. Includes word types (noun, verb, etc), plurals, and pronunciations.
This package includes collection helpers such as: - ObservableItemCollection for providing an ObservableCollection that manages both collection changed and item property changed events. - GenericEqualityComparer for providing a simple IEqualityComparer for objects.