Top 20 NuGet binary Packages

Alternative binary serializer to protobuf-net and it has comparable speed and size.
F# workflows for working with stream of data at a bit level
uScoober Feature: Binary.BinaryCodedDecimal
uScoober Feature: Binary.Endian
A library for all the data structures in C#. Every class is generic and reusable.
Binary data helpers, some general utilities and extension methods.
CGbR generates code based on the code you write. The generated code is fully reflection free, fast and can be AOT compiled. It can be used to replace reflection for serialization or dependency injection. Please note that some generates use the package CGbR-Lib
basis binary data structure component for storing data in binary format
Loyc.Binary is a library that can read and write Binary Loyc Tree (BLT) files: a binary encoding of LNode objects.
A general purpose, cross-platform binary/text serialization library.
Searching algorithms. All methods are for IComparable. > Binary
F# Type Provider for Google Protocol Buffers
Extension methods for BinaryReader and BinaryWriter.
Extension methods for BinaryReader and BinaryWriter.
SerialBox is a simple serialization wrapper. It acts as a wrapper around various serialization libraries, thus giving them a common interface to deal with.
Binary test artifacts for the Unlimitedinf.Tools package.
protobuf-net (De)Serializer for Easy Web.
Library containing asynchronous (de)serialization methods for Newtonsoft.JSON JTokens. The deserialization functionality is available through UtilPack.JSON.JTokenStreamReader class. The serialization functionality is available through extension method to UtilPack.PotentiallyAsyncWriterLogic<IE...
The Connection-Based Asynchronous Messaging (CBAM) SQL.MSbuild assembly contains abstract SQL-oriented MSBuild task, and task which reads file and executes SQL statements contained within.
Numerical Optimization Package in which solutions are binary-coded