Top 20 NuGet binary Packages

Add the ProtoBuf binary format and endpoint to a StackExpress web service host.
Add the MsgPack binary format and endpoint to a StackExpress web service host.
A super lazy helper class to statically access serializers
.NET library extending stream data reading and writing functionality.
Extremely fast binary serializer with tons of features. Full reference persistence (including circular references), polymorphism, zero-allocations, can handle readonly fields, delegates, 'KnownTypes' list for whitelisting and optimization in network scenarios... checkout the github page for a ...
A fast and memory efficient binary serialization library, powered by dynamic IL generation and inspired by MessagePack
MimeDetect is a library that used to identify MIME content type by analysing the file binary header with optional file extension.
Library containing useful and generic methods, which are missing from one or more BCL.
FsPickler is a serialization library that facilitates the distribution of .NET objects. The implementation focuses on performance and completeness in supported types, including F# types. It supports multiple, pluggable serialization formats including Binary, Xml, JSON and BSON. The library is based ...
Microsoft Avro library for .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.
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Package Description
A high performance contract-less binary serializer
High performance binary serialization tools for C# and F#.
The wrappers and extensions methods for BinaryFormatter
The binary serializer for Zaabee.StackExchangeRedis
Simple HTTP Endpoints allowing you to send/get data from urls
A high performance compound document format (CDF) reader.
binary key value store Not support Minecraft!
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