Top 20 NuGet binary Packages

Provides ASP.NET Core specific utilities for protobuf-net
Base32768 is a binary encoding optimised for UTF-16-encoded text.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
F# runtime library for Protocol Buffers
Helps read/write and convert between legacy IBM System formats and .NET types. Includes IbmConverter class as well as BinaryReader & BinaryWriter extensions for EBCDIC string, Big Endian Int16, Big Endian Int32 and IBM System/360 single precision floating point format.
NFX CORE Package NFX UNISTACK includes: Application Container + Dependency Injection facilities Configuration engine BigMemory: Local/Distributed piles/heaps, ability to store hundreds of millions of objects resident in memory for long times without killing GC BigMemory Cache - sto...
JSON parser with binary support and validation capabilities, based on a popular, standard schema syntax (subset of ASN.1, used as JSON schema). Data serialization in JSON and DER formats. Run-time schema loading, schema evolution, dynamic bindings. Start with schema-less JSON and transition into sc...
Types and extension methods to deal with binary data.
A pipeline based approach to ETL based data interactions for game development
The Falanx codec for json encoding
The Falanx codec for binary encoding
BiserObjectify is an object generator for Biser.NET
KGy SOFT Core Libraries offer high-performance and handy general libraries. Many of them aim to replace existing APIs of the original .NET framework with more efficient versions. Among others: - Useful extensions for simple types, collections, and others - High-performance collections - Fast enum h...
Gulliver is a C# utility package and library engineered for the manipulation of arbitrary sized byte arrays accounting for appropriate endianness and jagged byte length. Functionality includes the as previously unsupported standard set of boolean algebraic operations, bitwise shifting, and unsigned ...
Simple Database Endpoints allowing you to send data in a query or get data from a query
Builds on top of the flowing pipelines to allow wiretapping after steps
Adds the ability to create fluent pipelines that flow as continual steps
Fully managed library providing five types of heap. It implements d-ary, binary, binomial, Fibonacci and pairing heaps, in order to let the user choose the best heap to fit her/his needs. Each heap has its own advantages and disadvantages: please see the documentation or Wikipedia to better understa...
An ultra-fast expression-based binary serializer/deserializer using pre-emitted serializers/deserializers with support for transmitting types even if they do not exist on the other assembly.
Analyzer and Generator support for protobuf-net, using build SDK 3