Top 20 NuGet bulk Packages

MySQL implementation of the RevStack Repository Pattern.
MonkeyTyper is an extensible application that was created for sending bulk emails. This is the core library for all MonkeyTyper projects.
A small collection of useful classes and extensions for bulk extraction of data from Azure Table Storage.
DataBooster is a high-performance extension to ADO.NET Data Provider, includes a light encapsulation to minimize your DAL code and a booster to maximize throughput for writing huge numbers of records to database. Please visit for detail.
Useful extension methods for .Net Standard 2.0 and above.
This package will install the Bulkmanager core binaries. These are the binaries to reference in your project during development. Use Bulkmanager package if you want to install Bulkmanager in your site.
The AfricasTalking API Wrapper for .NET
.Net Upsert for combined insert and update operations of strongly typed collections into SQL Server.
LeMAK-Soft Bulk SMS Sender (LeMAKSoftBSS) is a library for Sending Short Message Services (SMS) in Cameroon and in many other countries. Check the supported countries and the prices at
DapperMapper will ease your Data Management in Microsoft SQL SERVER and and Sqlite with the same interface. We provide Bulkinsert from JSON file in the package named "JSONAM" ease as one line of code to insert millions record to the supported database.
SqlBulkCopy wrapper with Dapper-like API
ClickHouse bulk insert with Dapper.
EFCore.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFrameworkCore best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
Set of fast utilities for Bulk SQL operations in .NET
NHibernate bulk batcher for PostgreSQL
This library build bulk sql command in single query.
SQLWorker to query database or to do massive imports usinh the dFakto.States.Workers framework
A library to send SMS in an organized, efficient and simple manner.
Fast bulk insert extensions for Dapper.