Top 20 NuGet bulk Packages

.NET Library for loading data fast (doing bulk inserts) into a SQL Server Compact database file. Attempts to mimic the SqlClient SqlBulkCopy API.
Fork from MikaelEliasson's EntityFramework.Utilities. Custom shcema issue fixed and command timeout added. Fixes are taken from LambdaCruiser and Anthyme. Update operation time out issue fixed. Time out is infinity by default for all operations.Bulk operations now can use check constraints.
Package Description
An idiomatic bulk insert interface for databases. Allows you to bulk insert arbitrary types to an underlying database using a fast insert mechanism specific for that database. Currently supports SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. Works on the IDbConnection with extension methods, like Dapper.
An out-of-the-box Web API for invoking database stored procedures, transforming the results as JSON, BSON, JSONP, XML, CSV, Excel xlsx, or any text generated by Razor dynamic template. Please visit for detail.
Plugin for XrmToolBox to bulk download attachments from notes or emails. Also ability to upload note attachments.
Bulk Data API/Tools for SQL Server databases. Easily perform bulk "upsert" operations on your database. Nifty helper utility for moving around large sets of data.
KORM is fast, easy to use, micro ORM tool (Kros Object Relation Mapper).
A library extension built around Microsoft Entity Framework to extend its functionality and performance.
EFCore.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFrameworkCore best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
Set of small low level utilitarian classes: Retrier, ConcurrentObjectAccessor, SolidComPlus, AsyncDisposer, BoundedParallel, DataPipeline and DataReplicator
Infobip library for sending SMS, retrieving inbound messages, HLR...
Update Secured Fields in bulk for many profiles in one step
Library with common extensions and helpers for use Dapper in code
Use Bing Maps API to verify, standardize and geocode addresses stored in your CRM records of all types.
Fast Bulk insert extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for SqlServer using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for SAP Hana using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for Oracle using EntityFramework 6