Top 20 NuGet angular Packages

A dotnet-new template based on the Javascript Services angular template and OpenIddict
Kendo UI Angular provides native Angular UI components enabling you to take full advantage of the framework’s native performance capabilities. This template generates a fully working client-side application using Kendo UI Angular with ASP NET Core backend.
Scaffolds a Angular application using Kendo UI Web, Bootstrap 3 and RequireJS
Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Twitter's Bootstrap.
Simple and rapid critical path smoke testing for web apps. Make it so easy to write a functional smoke test for your web application that there's no excuse not to!
Reference in SPA modules (Asp.Net.Core) to enable build and packaging.
Reference in ABP modules to enable SPA build and packaging.
Utility tool for check test files.
Generates Typescript files to match C# entity objects