Top 20 NuGet abstraction Packages

This library creates a way to abstract static calls from common .Net objects so that the containing code can be more easily unit tested
The bot filesystem - Nuget Package
An implementation of MongoDb for DataLayer
An implementation of EntityFramework for DataLayer
An abstraction for Database access layer
Abstractions for Logging integration.
Abstractions for IoC integration.
Simple abstraction for parser implementation.
Injection interfaces.
Flow orchestration framework for .NET applications
Serene API is a small library intended to provide a straightforward way of consuming RESTful APIs requiring as little code & setup as possible whilst providing a powerful set of tools.
The interface for graphs to be examined and manipulated in a data-structure agnostic fashion. Commonly used types: • IIncidenceGraph<TVertex, TEdge, TEdges> • IMonoid<T>
Abtractions for DeltaWare.Dependencies