Top 20 NuGet abstraction Packages

Generic base interfaces needed for implementing a very basic repository pattern in your project.
Abstract base class for SQLite repositories.
A simple abstraction for sending emails.
SuperMassive is a small condensed framework of reusable .NET components and utility classes. It's your supermassive .NET swiss army knife.
Boilerplate testing library.
Interfaces for implementing a variation of the Command design pattern.
Provides a 'Local' filesystem abstraction layer to FileSystemAbstraction.
FileSystemAbstraction provides a filesystem abstraction layer. Inspired by Gaufrette (PHP) : The filesystem abstraction layer permits you to develop your application without the need to know were all those medias will be stored and how. Another advantage of this is the possibility to update the fi...
DbShell - common functionality - abstractions, types, algorithms.
Observe processes like a push stream of data. Orchestrate and work declaratively with processes.
1、通用实体类、接口、枚举、特性、配置扩展方法集合 2、.netcoreapp3升级到3.1 12、补充nodejs 等操作
Abstract MongoDB repository base class.
Register types in IOC searching for injection interfaces.
Abstraction convertion functionalities and polymorphism for System.Text.Json
Interfaced wrappers around System Configuration ConfigurationManager with support for extensibility points and strongly typed helpers.
Contains abstraction of audio objects and units converters
Use this package while migrating from log4net to Blue.Logging
Logging adapter for log4net integration
Infrastructure-library for encapsulation of application-Logging.
Infrastructure-library for encapsulation of application-Logging - without snippets.