Top 20 NuGet 3d Packages

3D Graphics Rendering Engine for .Net
The library of Nebula Viewer web client for MVC 4.
Main ILNumerics AnyCPU assembly; brings Matlab-like syntax, high performance execution and 2D/3D visualisations for programmers and scientists on .NET (C#).
SPA Tools is a set of tools and frameworks to help creating modern web apps. This package contains a set of helpers for geometry and Matrix : - Geometry Helpers - Vector2, Vector3 - Matrix3, Matrix4 - CSS and WebGL Engines - Very useful in 3d and canvas applicatio...
Load models from FBX files using FbxSharp
Provides a cross-platform implementation of some analytics providers.
Provides a service to support Microsoft Kinect v2.0 sensors.
Provides audio services to make easy to use Dolby Digital Plus.
Linq to SPIR-V shader generation
Pikkart AR SDK is an augmented reality software development kit for mobile apps that allows developers to embed augmented reality experiences into their projects with virtual contents, like 3D objects and videos in real-time or location-based markers. Pikkart AR SDK includes: - AR Logo feature, a p...
1. Source code can be download from 2. Code style guideline for VisualBasic of this runtime library at codeproject article: 3. Article about manipulate th...
A lightweight library with geometry and spatial query.
An extended OpenTK.GLControl fork allowing for additional design-time features
Hardware accelerated 3d drawing library built over Aiv.Fast2D
GLFW3 Bindings for C# with Vulkan support via SharpVk
OpenGL panel for Winforms
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Windows desktop (WPF) apps.
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
A rendering library for C# with native backends