Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Makes mapping key/value stores (appSettings, environment variables, NameValueCollections...) to POCs dead simple and highly extensible.
Framework for creating console apps with multiple commands IoC Registration: register all types where - type.IsAssignableTo<IConsoleCommand>() - type.HasCustomAttribute<ArgSetAttribute>()
Enables MultiCommandConsole commands to be run as services
提高 WinForm 开发效率。
This dll helps with the generation of typescript code. A model representing the typescript code can be build and then used to generate the actual code. the main reason this package was created is because it will be used in "".
ArangoDB-NET is C# based driver for .NET/mono framework which implements ArangoDB REST
.NET wrapper for NVIDIA PhysX 3.3.4
Utilities and convenience functions for working with files and directories.
A library of helpers for the purpose of testing pdf documents/content. It is named after the author who wrote the book of James in the Bible. (James 1:2-3)
Azure Table, Queue and Blob Storage wrappers for .NET.
Useful utilites and classes for dealing with HTML.
Helpers for testing .net applications
.NET Utils Framework
CIL Assembly Manipulator (CAM) .NET addition provides a working CILReflectionContext factory. This library will fill the gaps left by CAM Portable version.
CIL Assembly Manipulator (CAM) provides high-level API to read and emit CLR assemblies and modules. CAM is currently available for .NET 4 and Windows 8. Mono support and Windows Phone 8.1 support are incoming.
MEF composition support for MassTransit .NET distributed application framework
Json Configured Reverse Proxy
The .Net library for integrating with the Zoho Books API.
Provides an object renderer to integrate with log4net to dump exceptions (or any/all object types) using the ObjectPrinter. Also provides a log4net type inspector to prevent prevent dumping log4net objects that should be converted to strings.
Yaaf.DependencyInjection is a simple abstraction layer over a (simple) dependency injection library.