Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Implements a themable ContentDialog control for Dirkster.MLib, but can also be used with other theming libraries that support the ContentDialog Interfaces, since there are no technical dependencies to MLib.
Simple .Net wrapper to control Sony Bravia devices through IRCC
sharef functionality for SqlMapper.Core
This package allows you to package up your MonoGame game into a flatpak installer for Linux.
NoSqlMapper is a small .NET standard library that let you store and query document-like records in RDBMS. This is the SqlServer 2016+ binding
NoSqlMapper is a small .NET standard library that let you store and query document-like records in RDBMS. This is the Newtonsoft JsonNET binding
.NET wrapper for LIBSVM written in C#. Please download libsvm.dll from
.NET wrapper for LIBLINEAR written in C#. Please download liblinear.dll from
Ultimate IPLookup for Android ( lets you add the capability to retrive country information of ip-addresses in your Xamarin mobile app. You can try this package for free for 30 days, after which you will need to purchase a license at our online store https...
Ultimate Common for Android is a common library for .NET for Xamarin mobile used by other Ultimate products. This is a trial DLL.
This is OfficeComponent.HtmlToPdf package for x64 platform. It helps you add the capability to convert HTML to PDF documents or images including SVG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. It includes many advanced features and supports latest CSS3 and HTML5. It also supports SVG, WebFonts, Canvas, Images, Table, pag...
This is the Document Utility dll used by OfficeComponent Word and Excel.
C# Fluent API for interacting with Mock-Server
基于Consul 封装的服务注册及健康检查类库 支持.NetCore 2.0 以及 .NetStandard2.0
The v1 release of ws-il8n specification WCF serialization library. This package facilitates use by services and clients of the common OSASIS ws-il8n XML structures for supporting globalization on services (both SOAP and REST). The library is based on the Data Contract Serializer.
The v1 release of the WS-ResourceFramework BaseFaults 1.2 specification WCF serialization library. Facilitates use of common structures for standardized fault management for SOAP services. The library supports both XmlSerializer and Data Contract Serializer variations.
The v4 release of the MDX Client Adapter library. This system allows developers access to the Microsoft ADOMDX system via the DB Provider Facotry subsystem and allows dynamic creation of OLAP connection strings via a connection string builder.
FlexCaptcha is a freeware Captcha control that most significantly support either writing captcha images to disk or directly to http stream bypassing disk writing all toghether. In addition the captcha can reload and have many custom settings.
.Net Bridge-Implementation. Implementationation of the .Net Bridge Interface Allows the communication between .Net tools and the OpenEngSB
Functional Reactive Programming Library for .NET.