NuGet Package PayPal Invoice SDK for .NET

The PayPal Invoice SDK provides the following:
CreateInvoice API Operation: Use the CreateInvoice API operation to create a new invoice.

The call includes merchant, payer, and API caller information, in addition to invoice detail. The response to the call contains an invoice ID and URL.

CancelInvoice API Operation: Use the CancelInvoice API operation to cancel an invoice.

CreateAndSendInvoice API Operation: Use the CreateAndSendInvoice API operation to create and send an invoice.

GetInvoiceDetails API Operation: Use the GetInvoiceDetails API operation to get detailed information about an invoice.

MarkInvoiceAsPaid API Operation: Use the MarkInvoiceAsPaid API operation to mark an invoice as paid.

MarkInvoiceAsRefunded API Operation: Use the MarkInvoiceAsRefunded API operation to mark an invoice as refunded.

This API operation canonly be used for full refunds.

MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid API Operation: Use the MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid API operation to mark an invoice as unpaid.

SearchInvoices API Operation: Use the SearchInvoice API operation to search an invoice.

SendInvoice API Operation: Use the SendInvoice API operation to send an invoice to a payer, and notify the payer of the pending invoice.

UpdateInvoice API Operation: Use the UpdateInvoice API operation to update an invoice.


Version: 2.10.117
Author(s): PayPal
Last Update: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
.NET Fiddle: Online Example
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Install-Package PayPalInvoiceSDK
dotnet add package PayPalInvoiceSDK
paket add PayPalInvoiceSDK
PayPalInvoiceSDK Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)