NuGet Package Syncfusion Diagram for Windows Forms - Base

This package is the base library for Syncfusion Windows Forms Diagram.

It contains classes, interfaces, and calculations required for implementing diagram control.

Key features:
• Nodes are used to host graphical objects (path or controls) that can be arranged and manipulated on a diagram page. Many predefined standard shapes are included. Custom shapes can also be created and added easily.
• The relationship between two nodes is represented by using a connector.
• Interactive features are used to improve runtime editing experience of a diagram.
• Automatic layouts are used to arrange nodes automatically based on a predefined layout logic. There is built-in support for organizational chart layout, hierarchical tree layout, symmetric layout, and radial tree layout.
• The ruler provides horizontal and vertical guides for measuring diagram objects in the diagram control.
• Diagrams can be exported as .png, .jpeg, .bmp, and .svg image files.
• Gridlines are the pattern of lines drawn behind diagram elements.

It provides a visual guidance while dragging or arranging the objects on a diagram surface.

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Author(s): Syncfusion Inc.
Last Update: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Install-Package Syncfusion.Diagram.Base
dotnet add package Syncfusion.Diagram.Base
paket add Syncfusion.Diagram.Base
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