NuGet Package Symbiotic Micro ORM Net Standard x64

Supported databases: Sql Server, Sql Azure, My Sql, Sqlite, Oracle, PostgreSql, DB2\LUW, Firebird.
Fast, small and simple, and very little code needed to perform database actions.
Ability to write and run all code unchanged on multiple database vendors.
No configuration, no mapping files, no inheritance requirements, no object tracking or caching, just objects and code.
Supports writes, updates, or upserts with out the need to write sql, just write your queries for the parent objects.
Totally disconnected writes, they can move across application boundaries.
Write your own queries, the orm just maps the results.
Full transaction support, make multiple calls inside a single transaction.
Read and Write isolation, you must use different object for reads and writes.
Built in history and performance tracking support.
Error tracking, extensive commitment to helping developers understand all exceptions thrown, extensive detailed error messages are provide when possible.
Supports change tracking, so the database is only involved when you decide it's necessary.
Encryption, allows data to be encrypted prior to writes, and allows un-encryption with loads.
Validation support, extensive support for System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations with the ability to extend and create custom validation with enforcement from the orm.
Processing Intercept Support, do special work prior to insert, update, or delete, or after load.
Parallel support, run multiple queries in parallel to increase performance.
Debugging, all sql is traced out with the parameters and values to aid trouble-shooting.

Queries can contain locators which are provided in exceptions.
Developer control, all the object creates are overidable, and most methods can be overridden.
Supports mutable flat, pure immutable types or hierarchical objects, or objects with children or child properties.
Interface abstraction by allowing you to query and retrieve interface types while loading concretes types.


Version: 3.2.1
Author(s): Eric Schneider
Last Update: Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Install-Package Symbiotic_Micro_ORM_Net_Standard_x64
dotnet add package Symbiotic_Micro_ORM_Net_Standard_x64
paket add Symbiotic_Micro_ORM_Net_Standard_x64
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