NuGet Package Windows Community Toolkit Controls

This library provides XAML templated controls.

It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.

- AdaptiveGridView: Presents items in a evenly-spaced set of columns to fill the total available space.
- BladeView: Provides a horizontal collection of blades for master-detail scenarios.
- CameraPreview: Easily preview video from camera sources and get realtime frames from the selected source.
- Carousel: Presents items in a carousel control.
- DockPanel: Define areas where you can arrange child elements either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.
- DropShadowPanel: DropShadowPanel contol allows the creation of a DropShadow for any Xaml FrameworkElement in markup.
- Expander: Expander allows user to show/hide content based on a boolean state.
- GridSplitter: A the control that redistributes space between columns or rows of a Grid control.
- HeaderedContentControl: Provides a header to content.
- HeaderedItemsControl: Provides a header to items.
- HeaderedTextBlock: Provide a header for read only text.
- ImageCropper: ImageCropper control allows user to crop image freely.
- ImageEx: Images are downloaded asynchronously showing a load indicator and can be stored in a local cache.
- InAppNotification: Show local notifications in your application.
- InfiniteCanvas: Supports Infinite Scrolling, Ink, Text, Format Text, Zoom in/out, Redo, Undo, Export & Import.
- LayoutTransformControl: Support for transformations as if applied by LayoutTransform.
- Loading: Helps to show content with animation to the user while the app is doing some calculation.
- MarkdownTextBlock: An efficient and extensible control that can parse and render markdown.
- MasterDetailsView: Implements the Master/Details design pattern.
- OrbitView: Positions items in a circle around a center element and supports orbits and anchors.
- RadialGauge: Displays a value within a range, using a needle on a circular face.
- RadialProgressBar: Displays progress as a circle getting filled.
- RangeSelector: "Double slider" control for range values.
- RemoteDevicePicker: Remote Device Picker Control for Project Rome.
- RotatorTile: Rotates through a set of items one-by-one like a live-tile.
- ScrollHeader: A UI control that works as a ListView or GridView header control with quick return, sticky and fade behavior.
- StaggeredPanel: Layout of items in a column approach where an item will be added to whichever column has used the least amount of space.
- TextToolbar: A Toolbar for Editing Text attached to a RichEditBox. It can format RTF, Markdown, or use a Custom Formatter.
- TileControl: A ContentControl that show an image repeated many times.
- TokenizingTextBox: An AutoSuggestBox like control which places entered input into easily removed containers for contacts or tags.
- UniformGrid: Presents items in a evenly-spaced set of rows or columns to fill the total available display space.
- WrapPanel: Positions child elements in sequential position from left to right and breaks content to the next line.


Version: 7.0.0-preview1
Author(s): Microsoft.Toolkit
Last Update: Tuesday, April 21, 2020
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Install-Package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls
dotnet add package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls
paket add Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls
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