NuGet Package Live Reload Server

LiveReloadServer is a local, static file Web Server with optional, built-in Live Reload functionality, Markdown rendering support and the ability to run self-contained Razor Pages out of any local folder.

Simply point at a local folder with `--webroot` and start serving the folder as a Web site.

Commandline options let you customize the path, port, add Razor and Markdown features support, add extensions to monitor and more. Convenience features can launch a browser, optionally launch an editor and can start on a specific page.

Live Reload lets you change any content, code and stying files and immediately see the content refreshed in a Web browser - very useful for local development tasks or editing content sites.

This tool also provides an ASP.NET Core runtime, that can be hosted on a server to provide the dynamic dynamic features used by the Razor and Markdown functionality. This is useful for mostly content driven WebSites that a need a little extra functionality beyond plain static content.

LiveReloadServer works with:

* Static HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. files
* Loose, single-file Razor Pages including assembly dependencies
* Markdown Files - .md files rendered to HTML with customizable themes and page template
* Options to configure extensions to monitor, port, folder and more.

Version 1.2 uses .NET 7.0.

Versions prior use .NET 6.0.

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Version: 1.2.2
Author(s): Rick Strahl
Last Update: Friday, April 7, 2023
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Install-Package LiveReloadServer
dotnet add package LiveReloadServer
paket add LiveReloadServer
LiveReloadServer Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)