Top 20 NuGet livereload Packages

Allows reloading XAML views from Visual Studio on your running app
LiveReloadServer provides a generic Web Server with configurable Live Reload functionality for static files, Markdown files and loose, self-contained Razor Pages in any local folder. Simply point the `--webroot` at a folder or start it out of a Web folder and go. Commandline options let you customiz...
Implements a LiveReload server for .NET
Connect Livereload (connect-livereload) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
When used in a running ASP.NET application the site will pickup changes to CSS files on disk and update the stylesheet in the running browser without reloading the page using SignalR. Useful for development on mobile devices, simultanous testing in multiple browsers or looking varying brows...
Resourceful CLI is a server CLI used for live reloading functionality in the Resourceful library.
Resourceful is a package to facilitate loading resources embedded into the assembly as well as enabling the ability to live reload them.
Library for "live reloading" XAML pages in Xamarin.Forms on Android, UWP and iOS. To be used together with the Codexcite.Reloader.Monitor.
Live reload for ASP.NET development