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OCR Cloud is a simple ocr technology, which you can use in your application to convert image to text.
Add OCR to your app with simply few line of code. Any language, any platform, no hardware resources.

Automatic skew correction and advanced automative image pre-processing:
Aspose.OCR Cloud can successfully read poor quality scans and automatically make image pre-processing to correct low resolution, low contrast, noise and skew, image upscale resolution.

45 languages supported including Chinese.
Automated and manual document layout detection:
Recognize documents with complex layouts in fully automatic mode or with manual corrections.
In automated mode, you don’t need to worry about text layout editing. Our DSR algorithm provides such functionality. It allows performing the OCR operation quickly on various document scans.
Receipt recognition.
Text region detection method
Table image recognition.
PDF recognition.

Multipage supported.
Text correction using spell checkong algorithms.
Various Output formats: Text, Searchable PDF, hOCR.

Supported image formats:
We support all widely used image formats: bmp jpeg jpg jpe jp2 png webp tiff tif exr hdr pic svg

Recognize Text of Different Languages:
Supports 45 languages including: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovene, Slovak, Netherlands, Lithuanian, Latvian, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Swedish, Estonian, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Ukrainian, Bengali, Tibetan, Thai, Urdu, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Javanese, Greek, Japanese, Persian, Albanian, Latin, Vietnamese, Uzbek, Georgian, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani

Recognize english handwritten text.

High speed with no hardware resources:
Don’t worry about hardware, all the computational operations are performed at our powerful servers, that hosts our core, built on cutting edge fast neural networks.


Version: 22.12.0
Author(s): Aspose
Last Update: Thursday, December 15, 2022
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Install-Package Aspose.OCR-Cloud
dotnet add package Aspose.OCR-Cloud
paket add Aspose.OCR-Cloud
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