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System.Globalization [512 dependencies]

Provides classes that define culture-related information, including language, country/region, calendars in use, format patterns for dates, currency, and numbers, and sort order for strings. Commonly Used Types: System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo System.Globalization.CultureInfo System.Globaliz...
Provides a set of packages that can be used when building Universal Windows applications on .NETCore. d67bd83a075b8b10cb95810568073c1a3211f28b When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity [490 dependencies]

ASP.NET Core Identity is the membership system for building ASP.NET Core web applications, including membership, login, and user data. ASP.NET Core Identity allows you to add login features to your application and makes it easy to customize data about the logged in user. This package was built from...
FunScript binding for lib (BETA version).
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Bouncy Castle Portable [483 dependencies]

BouncyCastle portable version with support for .NET 4, .NET Standard 2.0
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System.Reflection.Extensions [483 dependencies]

Provides custom attribute extension methods for System.Reflection types. Commonly Used Types: System.Reflection.InterfaceMapping System.Reflection.CustomAttributeExtensions System.Reflection.RuntimeReflectionExtensions When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Retyped.node [479 dependencies]

Node binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
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System.Threading.Tasks [478 dependencies]

Provides types that simplify the work of writing concurrent and asynchronous code. Commonly Used Types: System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult> System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter<TResult> System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCompletionSource<TResult> System.Threading.Tasks.Task System.OperationCanceled...
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IdentityModel [476 dependencies]

OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 client library
ASP.NET Optimization introduces a way to bundle and optimize CSS and JavaScript files.
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Umbraco Cms Core Binaries [464 dependencies]

Contains the core assemblies needed to run Umbraco Cms. This package only contains assemblies and can be used for package development. Use the UmbracoCms package to setup Umbraco in Visual Studio as an ASP.NET project.
PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for Entity Framework Core.
Provides the common types used by all of the WCF libraries.
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WebDriver Support [457 dependencies]

Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating multiple browser pl...
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System.Linq.Dynamic.Core [453 dependencies]

This is a .NETStandard / .NET Core port of the the Microsoft assembly for the .Net 4.0 Dynamic language functionality.
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EPPlus [453 dependencies]

A spreadsheet library for .NET framework and .NET core
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boost [448 dependencies]

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NPOI [447 dependencies]

.NET port of Apache POI | Contact us on telegram:
Debug output logger provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This logger logs messages to a debugger monitor by writing messages with System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine().
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ConfigureAwait.Fody [441 dependencies]

Configure async code's ConfigureAwait at a global level.