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Lightweight Http Mocking Server for .Net, inspired by WireMock from the Java landscape.
Package Description
Radzen Blazor is a set of 70+ free native Blazor UI controls packed with DataGrid, Scheduler, Charts and robust theming including Material design and Fluent UI.
ClosedXML.Report is a tool for report generation and data analysis in .NET applications through the use of Microsoft Excel. ClosedXML.Report is a .NET-library for report generation Microsoft Excel without requiring Excel to be installed on the machine that's running the code.
OneLine is an abstraction standardized redefined framework.
Rules Engine is a package for abstracting business logic/rules/policies out of the system. This works in a very simple way by giving you an ability to put your rules in a store outside the core logic of the system thus ensuring that any change in rules doesn't affect the core system.
AspNetCore bits.
Import and export general library, support Dto import and export, template export, fancy export and dynamic export, support Excel, Csv, Word, Pdf and Html. 导入导出通用库,支持Dto导入导出、模板导出、花式导出以及动态导出,支持Excel、Csv、Word、Pdf和Html。 开源库地址: 博客地址: ...
Account login and management framework based on ASP.NET identity.
A set of C# classes designed to rapidly build modern web applications to use with Tubular Angular library.
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Qpick server component for Apollo 13
Kendo.DynamicLinqCore implements server paging, filtering, sorting, grouping and aggregating to Kendo UI via Dynamic Linq for .Net Core App(1.x ~ 3.x). Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 1.6 - .NET Standard 2.0 - .NET Standard 2.1 - .NET Core 1.0 ~ .NET Core 1.1 - .NET Core 2.0 ~ .NET Core 2.2 -...
Dynamic Linq extensions for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore which adds Async support
The Linq Formatters that require complex arguments for the Morestachio nuget package
Web application infrastructure types and implementations for EasyDataCore infrastructure
Software framework for supporting coding best practices.
Contains the core logic for Vendr, the eCommerce package for Umbraco
Dynamic Linq extensions for EntityFramework which adds Async support