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Ans.MVC.Codegen.Inits [1 dependencies]

LightInject extension for the Jal.Aop.Aspects library
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AppTonic [1 dependencies]

AppTonic is a lightweight .NET framework for building loosely coupled application services. Using a simple message-based mediator called the AppDispatcher, AppTonic seperates your application logic from your web framework, UI, or messaging system. The resulting application logic is organized by use ...
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Syncfusion.SfMaps.UWP46 [1 dependencies]

Nuget package of Syncfusion.SfMaps.UWP assembly
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Eos.Utils [1 dependencies]

Eos Atomic is a c# library that provides common utils.
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AnyQ.Jobs [1 dependencies]

AnyQ Jobs lib
SpecFlow+Runner - a smarter integration test runner for SpecFlow. Check the details on the website.