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Redistributable components for package 'AWSSDKCPP-Connect'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
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YUICompressor .NET Signed [1 dependencies]

This library can minify and/or bundle any Javascript and/or Cascading Style Sheets. This is a direct .NET port of the original Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor.
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CoreFaces.Status.Models [1 dependencies]

Package Description
A Breeze DataServiceAdapter for SharePoint 2010 solutions and 2013 apps
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Stripe [1 dependencies]

Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online. We believe that enabling transactions on the web is a problem rooted in code, not finance, and we want to help put more websites in business.
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Dub.Utils.Compress [1 dependencies]