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Rhetos.AfterDeploy [1 dependencies]

Rhetos.AfterDeploy is a plugin for Rhetos development platform. It simplifies the handling of SQL scripts that need to be executed on each deployment.
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Waher.Persistence.Files [1 dependencies]

Library that provides an object database that stores objects in local AES-256 encrypted files. Storage, indices, searching and retrieval is based solely on meta-data provided through the corresponding class definitions. Object serializers are created dynamically. Dynamic code is compiled.
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E6.FileSystem [1 dependencies]

Package Description
LogoFX Client Mvvm ViewModel Extensions containing various use cases for the most common view models (including editing, paging and virtualization)
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Leafing DbEntry .Net [1 dependencies]

DbEntry.Net (Leafing Framework) is a lightweight, high performance ORM compnent for .Net.
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Util.Security [1 dependencies]

Util.Security是Util应用框架的权限类库。 Util是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在提升小型团队的开发输出能力,由常用公共操作类(工具类)、分层架构基类、Ui组件,第三方组件封装,第三方业务接口封装,配套代码生成模板,权限等组成。