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ReactiveProperty is MVVM and Asynchronous Extensions for Reactive Extensions(System.Reactive). Target platform is .NET Standard 2.0.
A tiny, cross-platform, module based, MIT-licensed web server for .NET Framework and .NET Core. Written entirely in C#, using our helpful library SWAN Network operations use the async/await pattern: Responses are handled asynchronously Cross-platform[1]: tested in Mono on Windows and on a custom Yo...
A set of standard .NET APIs that are prescribed to be used and supported together. 18a36291e48808fa7ef2d00a764ceb1ec95645a5 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
MessagePack is fast, compact, and interoperable binary serialization format. This package provides MessagePack serialization/deserialization APIs. This pacakge also supports Mono, Xamarin, .NET Core and Unity.
The module required to run CloudCore-based work-flow and scheduled tasks.
A library extensions to simplify HTTP usage.
Simple functionality for Dapplo.HttpExtensions
A library with utilities which are used by various Dapplo libraries.
re-linq Frontend: A foundation for parsing LINQ expression trees and generating queries in SQL or other languages. Key features: - Transforms expression trees into abstract syntax trees resemblying LINQ query expressions (from ... select syntax) - Simplifies many aspects of this tree (sub queries, t...
Official Library for Solutions The Library contains the main operations, data, utilities and Base forms for the Solutions. It's build using Visual Studio 2017, C# 7.0 and .Net framework 4.6.1 .
A library with several collection types (dictionary, stack, etc.) that have been made observable.
Well Structured Models for C#
Kraken is a battle tested library for developing SharePoint applications that's been around since before 2010 and is used in many projects. This package includes libraries for developing client applications (CSOM) including some non-SharePoint utilities designed to run in a partial trust policy and ...
A library containing several extensions that aim to standardize and extend the .NET Framework component model functionality.
A library containing several extensions that aim to standardize and extend the .NET Framework component model functionality.
A shared package used by the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") including support for analyzing projects and solutions. Do not install this package manually, it will be added as a prerequisite by other packages that require it. More details at This p...
Allows LINQ providers based on re-linq Frontend to support eager fetching.
A cross-platform library for processing of image files written in C#
NuGet v3 core library.