Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Data.SqlClient

Total dependencies: 2450

The Bold Reports by Syncfusion ASP.NET Core is a server-side helper package to build ASP.NET Core Web API service that is used for Report Viewer and Report Designer controls with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and JavaScript platforms. Syncfusion Report Viewer and Report Designer controls can be integrated ...
Evaluate, Compile and Execute C# code at runtime. Support: Dynamic LINQ, Extension Method, Expando Object, and more! Online Example: Include free and prime features.
Akka.Persistence support for SQL Server.
FluentMigrator is a database migration framework for .NET written in C#. The basic idea is that you can create migrations which are simply classes that derive from the Migration base class and have a Migration attribute with a unique version number attached to them. Upon executing FluentMigrator, yo...
ETL Framework for .NET
The engine is a part of the reporting tool that renders reports from getting data from the source, building bands, calculating aggregate functions, charting, applying styles, conditions, filtering, sorting, and more. Also, the report engine has algorithms for exporting reports to various formats suc...
Dynamicweb 9 package that provides the data access API
Light, simple and fast convention-based code-first POCO ORM for Sql Server. Support for Creating and Dropping Table Schemas from POCOs, Complex Property types transparently stored in schemaless text blobs in SQLServer.
SQL Server 2008+ (including Express), SQL Server LocalDB and SQL Azure storage support for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications).
A suite of convention specifications for enforcing type conventions in your codebase
Type providers for SQL database access.
.Net Core/net5 SqlSugar ORM ,High-performance, lightweight
eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool that handles all aspects of database creation and object persistence, allowing you to concentrate on your application's business logic. XPO supports more than a dozen database management systems and implements a common high-...
Add MSSQL container specific functionality.
This Windows Compatibility Pack provides access to APIs that were previously available only for .NET Framework. It can be used from both .NET Core as well as .NET Standard. When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
FreeSql 数据库实现,基于 SqlServer 2005+,并根据版本适配分页方法:row_number 或 offset fetch next
ActiveReports common rendering implementation
An ETL framework for .NET
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer
EntityFramework Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of EntityFramework. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the ORM community. Alerts are presented in a concise co...