Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Collections.Concurrent

Total dependencies: 326

LinksPlatform's Platform.Helpers Class Library
LinksPlatform's Platform.Memory Class Library
Core assembly of a component suite to handle .NET applications
Provides core library functions for Digital Forge libraries.
Virtlink's Utility Library
A Managed version of the NetworkTables3 Protocol.
A portable text and binary serialization library for flat POCOs
Contains the classes and utilities used to interact with the Chrome Developer Tools
Contains abstractions and implementations for some basic MWY features like authorization, caching, localization, dependency resolution, reflection...
Basic redis backed implementations of the interfaces in RegenerativeDistributedCache.Interfaces for an external (network) cache, a fan out pub/sub message bus, and a distributed locking mechanism for use with RegenerativeDistributedCache.RegenerativeCacheManager.
A CLI application to use the Leprechaun codegen framework for Sitecore.
Native C# client for Apache Kafka.
Native C# client for communicating with an Apache Kafka cluster.
ReCloud Business Class Library
For accessing the EHR communication database.
For accessing the EHR communication database.
For accessing the EHR communication database.
This is the basic interface definitions for creating a calculable unit for the COMP2 core service
Visual studio extensibility package
Simple localization for .NET applications.