Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Collections.Concurrent

Total dependencies: 326

Package Description
System.Net.Http.Formatting project compiled for .NET Standard
A cross platform wrapper for NetworkManager on iOS and Android
A cross platform wrapper for SpeechToText on iOS and Android<
A cross platform wrapper for MediaCapture on iOS and Android
A Xamarin wrapper for TextToSpeech on iOS and Android
A simple implementation for invoking the Baidu Geocoding Service.
A library for Clinical6 UI Controls Renders (a product of Parallel6)
This is the basic interface definitions for creating a calculable unit for the COMP2 core service
A wrapper over Oracle ODP.NET to make easier the calls to packages and enable the use of UDTs (User Define Types)
Standalone file logging provider for .NET Core without dependencies on the logging frameworks.
A Client UI Library for
High performance Redis client, incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous usage.
For accessing the EHR communication database.
Testkit for Persistence actor support for Akka.NET
Abstractions for the Stormpath .NET SDK
Supports: .NET 4.5+, Xamarin iOS x64, MonoTouch (iOS), MonoDroid (Android), WinPhone, WinStore, Universal, .NET 3.5
A modern high performance cross platform wrapper around Log4Net.