Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions

Total dependencies: 418

Utilitary middleware for ASP.NET Core applications, that will perform an API health check.
Aspnet Core Webhook midlleware A Github and Appveyor webhooks predefined.
Simple set of Helpers I use in my core app
KdSoft.Services.WebApi.Utils Class Library
KdSoft.Services.Security.AspNet Class Library
A wrapper for the rates and currency conversion API for .NET Core.
.net core http extensions
A Global Exception Handler Middleware, allowing developers to create one or more exception handlers (intercepts).
Botwin is a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core.
Various framework elements and components to help make the development of .Net Standard applications and ASP.Net Core MVC websites that much easier to deal with for the ASP.Net Core .Net cross-platform) environment. To see all assemblies in the framework, click the 'CoreXT' tag. This package holds ...
This is helper build of the BotDetect CAPTCHA nuget meant to be used ONLY with ASP.NET Core code running on top of legacy 4.5.1+ .NET frameworks. For the legacy ASP.NET code on legacy .NET, or for ASP.NET Core code on .NET Core frameworks you have to use our main CAPTCHA nuget. For the descriptio...
Multi-tenancy support for ASP.NET Core.
Multi-tenancy support for ASP.NET Core using StructureMap.
WeChatJs SDK Signature
Diagnostics for Jasper Service Bus
Core server components for ASP.NET SignalR.
Add support for application initialization, warmup and serving a splash page prior to handling the first request
A hybrid HTTP mock library that can start both in memory server and self host server. The core facilities can make complex things possible, and the extensions can make simple things simple. Usages can be found in project test cases.