Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions

Total dependencies: 418

.NetStandard library for accessing easily Azure AD/B2C secured API's via Oauth2 and getting information via the Graph Api
DNTBreadCrumb.Core Creates custom bread crumb definitions, based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x features.
Error and crash reporting provider for .NET Core 2.0 projects. Automatically tracking error, crashes and unhandled exceptions occurring in your application.
DNTBreadCrumb.Core-UIkit creates custom bread crumb definitions, based on UIkit 3 features for ASP.NET Core applications.
this is a core middleware that used to authorize the requests for the "non-public" files.
为云梦微站量身打造的防CSRF类库 1.此次更改增加对例外路径配置的支持 2.去掉用户信息 3.去掉对DataPortect的依赖 4.支持自定义Token域名设置 5.优化token缺失的错误提示方式,提高性能
gRPC-JSON transcoder - This is a filter which allows a RESTful JSON API client to send requests to .NET web server over HTTP and get proxied to a gRPC service
Pacote para utilização em Web APIs e Console Aplications AspNetCore, esta biblioteca realiza o armazenmento de logs no Elastic Search ou qualquer outra aplicação que armazena objsetos Json via chamada Post.
A Global Exception Handler Middleware, allowing developers to create one or more exception handlers (intercepts).
ASP.NET Core support for Agent Framework
Serilog http sink for logstash. Also there is a ECS enricher that converts all properties of LogEvent to elasticseach ecs schema before send to logstash. For more information please reffer to GitHub Repository.
A community built SDK for Typeform's APIs
Package Description
Feedback messages utility for .NET Web application. Display your feedbacks for web clients easily.
ASP.NET Core support for Agent Framework
Official ASP.NET client library for Excepticon, the beautifully simple exception montior for .NET.