Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions

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IActionResult that supports HTTP Range bytes Header.
Awardstage API SDK is used to interact with the Awardstage API
Geolocation extensions
CST.NETCore.ScheduleService Schedule services using CRON syntex
ASP.NET Core basic middleware for supporting HTTP method overrides. Includes: * X-Forwarded-* headers to forward headers from a proxy.
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Owin middleware for create thumb images (
SAML SSO toolkit for SAML 2.0 service provider applications in .NET
Middleware to add webservice logging to ASP.NET core application pipeline.
CustomTracking.ClientCore for .net core
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A .NET Core library for the Pl@ntNet plant identification API.
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Package Description
```CSharp public async Task TestRequestForValidCpfInAzureTableCache() { //Substitua pelo cpf que deseja pesquisar string _cpfSample = "45317828791"; var http = new HttpClient(); var option = new CpfCnpjHttpClient.Settings() { Toke...
Finteza SDK is a set of ready-made scripts for sending and proxying events from the server side of ASP.NET Core websites.
Ambient operation logging and cancellation.
ASP.NET Core support for Agent Framework