Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on CsvHelper

Total dependencies: 401

InfluxDB Client Core - exceptions, validations, REST client.
Package for writing plugin tests
UI package for plugin development
Core package for plugin development
The core library of the open-source and free platform WebVella ERP. It allows a quick and painless creation of business web applications.
OneLine is an abstraction standardized redefined framework.
A collection of razor TagHelpers for easy generation of bootstrap 4 styled UI components
Modern and flexible load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios, designed to test any system regardless a protocol (HTTP/WebSockets/AMQP etc) or a semantic model (Pull/Push).
Classes for converting the output of various static analysis tools to the SARIF format.
Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search V2
An implementation of ICsvParser and ICsvSerializer from CsvHelper that reads and writes using the ClosedXml library.
Opinionated acceptance testing framework.
Bitmex.Net is a .Net wrapper for the Bitmex API. It includes all features the API provides, REST API and Websocket, using clear and readable objects including but not limited to Reading market info, Placing and managing orders and Reading balances and funds
The Classic Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool, now in the XrmToolBox suite. This is special flavor of classical Plugin Registration Tool provided by Microsoft as CRM SDK code sample. It was adopted to the format of an XrmToolBox tool and intended to work with the same set of the Common Data Service / Dyn...
Pagable sortable MVC enabled grid (core files only)
FMS Insight is a client and server which runs on an flexible machining system (FMS) cell controller. It provides a server which stores a log of all events and stores a log of planned jobs, a server which translates incomming planned jobs into jobs in the cell controller, a REST-like HTTP API ...
Komodo core libraries for crawling (file, object, web, database), parsing (JSON, XML, SQL, Sqlite, HTML, text), postings (inverted index, token extraction), indexing (search), metadata generation, and integrating within your application. Komodo is an information search, metadata, storage, and retri...
Import and export general library, support Dto import and export, template export, fancy export and dynamic export, support Excel, Csv, Word, Pdf and Html. 导入导出通用库,支持Dto导入导出、模板导出、花式导出以及动态导出,支持Excel、Csv、Word、Pdf和Html。 开源库地址: 博客地址: ...
Generates Allure report result files for SpecFlow test run
OneLine.Common is a project that can be used on a server backend as well on client side application that support net standard like xamarin or blazor.