Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on ClosedXML

Total dependencies: 63

It is a tool with which you can easily export any data from your .NET classes to Excel using a XLSX-template. For signed assembly use ClosedXML.Report.Signed
An implementation of ICsvParser and ICsvSerializer from CsvHelper that reads and writes using the ClosedXml library.
The Toolkit for the Enterprise Web Library. This can be used to conveniently gain validation, IO, and string manipulation functions without subscribing to the whole library lifecycle.
Adds OpenXML support to DoddleReport. The currently supported format is Excel and is more robust than the default ExcelReportWriter in DoddleReport.
The Enterprise Web Library (EWL), and its tailored infrastructure platform, are a complete and open solution for developing and operating web-based enterprise software.
Developer's Basic Utilities
This package implements bespoke routines necessary for a detailed analysis of the various components deployed to a CRM instance.
MVC extensions for ClosedXML
Helpers utilizados para auxiliar no desenvolvimento
Conversões e Formatações para auxiliar o desenvolvimento
Programmatic report generation using Migra Doc and Closed XML. Using the NetStandard builds from Didstopia/PDFSharp and Connatix/MigraDoc
Função para gerar todo o HTML de grid usando uma lista genérica
ASP.NET extensions for ClosedXML
Canducci Excel Extensions Methods IQueryable and IEnumerable
Export Excel sheet data to Xml/Json using ClosedXML.
The library ExcelReportGenerator allows you to render data to Microsoft Excel by marking Excel sheets using panels and templates. It allows you easily connecting to various data sources like IDataReader, DataSet, DataTable, IEnumerable<T>, etc, and render data from them to Excel. You can also apply ...
app-stitch is a visually simple yet powerful way of designing business rules. Combine the many channels to stitch different apps together and save hours on auditing, authentication, automation and validation.
Imports an Excel into a collection of POCOs. You can specify the mappings, the source sheets, etc. You can also generate a excel with the proper columns to import the data.
WebApi extensions for ClosedXML
Devshed CSV Library