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開發 ASP.NET Web Forms 時常用之取巧手段
Library containing most of the methods that I used in all my projects, from file exporting/importing to extensions to strings, serialization, data comparisons, etc.
Design for Asp.Net Framework MVC multiple tables CRUD. Only code need is to inherit from TableController, set the TableNameList, IsReadonly attributes, the view will automatically get from share folder. Table Controller will get the dbContext based on table name accordingly.. Typical usage cases, mu...
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A bidirectional converter, JSON to XLSX, XLSX to JSON.
Excel Helper will allow you to export to Excel from List of T and Parse Excel to List of T with custom validation and highlighting options.
Collection af handy activities
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Implementation of core interfaces usnig NPOI library
A Rebel Query lib Rebel Query is a powerful sql lib for C#/.NET applications. Rebel Query is a complete lib for your application retrieve data from SQL Servers. Provides full data abstraction for Queries results, giving speed and easily for .NET queries
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This package provides the function to save database tables before and after changes as CSV, JSON and Excel files. It's designed for the purpose to automatically generate evidence files in unit-tests.
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Class library for .NET. Provides extension logic for Excel files.
Imports an Excel into a collection of POCOs. You can specify the mappings, the source sheets, etc. You can also generate a excel with the proper columns to import the data.
This library contains a Guid Generator, a change tracking model, a tracking message model, some extension methods, and a helper class used for progress reporting during async operations. For code included in this library that I didn't write, all rights belong to the company/individuals who took the ...
Convert delimited list of strings to Excel.
Provides SheetParser the ability to read OpenXML spreadsheets.
TableIO.ClosedXml is TableIO Extension for reading and writing Excel(xlsx).